11 Oct 2018|Gwalior | Amity University Madhya Pradesh

Amity University Madhya Pradesh organizes a “Guest Lecture on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice novel" 2018 on 11th October, 2018

Amity School of Languages, Amity University Madhya Pradesh organized a Guest Lecture on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by Dr. Charu Chitra, Professor, Govt. PG Auto KRG College on October 11, 2018 for the students of English Literature (Minor Track) The lecture was conducted to foster the knowledge of the history and culture of English. 

Addressing the gathering of students, Dr Charu Chitra stated that to explore any writer in literature, we first need to understand the social conditions of that particular era. She explained the influence of major events like French Revolution,Industrial Revolution and American Revolution on the society. She talked about Jane Austen’s contribution as a women novelist in literature. She gave an insight about Jane Austen’s life and the ideas central to her writings.

Talking about the genius of Jane Austen, Dr Chitra explained that despite being a simple writer, her books are still read after 200 years. She explained the significance of the title by drawing the major characters from the novel. She further explained the social background, well knit plot, character sketches and theme in an interactive manner.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Charu Chitra emphasized on the importance of literature quoting “Literature is above all the disciplines and it requires reading between the lines.”

The session concluded with pertinent questions being asked by the students. The students were enthusiastic in presenting their views and displayed a deep understanding of the novel. The lecture was attended by 40 students of English literature. The entire lecture was very informative and insightful for the students.