Secretariat AMIMUN'17

Secretary General: Gurmehak Mann

Gurmehak Mann is a fourth year student at Amity University pursuing her Bachelors in Biotechnology. She was introduced to the concept of Model UNs in 2010 and has done multiple national and international MUNs since. She has been a part of the AMIMUN Team since 2013 where she served as the Deputy under Secretary General of Delegate Affairs for AMIMUN'14, the Director General for AMIMUN'15 and the Deputy Secretary General for AMIMUN'16.

Gurmehak is greatly looking forward to welcoming you to AMIMUN'17. She plans to work with the rest of the Secretariat and staff to make the conference an unforgettable experience.

Director General: Pankit Arora

Pankit Arora is a fourth year student at Amity University pursuing his Bachelors in Information Technology. Pankit has been a part of more than 25 MUNs as an International Press member and continues to further participate in the conferences to the utmost. Having been a core member of the official Photography Society of the college, Pankit portrays life's beauty through the lens of his camera. His silent demeanor, determined manoeuvre and his artistic vision always fund his skills. His ideology to emphasize on goals rather than the bare dreams provides him with an edge to win over life. He looks out at life as if there is no tomorrow, ceasing every moment to the fullest.

Pankit is honored to be serving as the Director General of AMIMUN'17.

USG Delegate Affairs: Naman Dutt

Naman Vardhan Dutt is a second year student at Amity University pursuing Law. Naman has been a part of over 20 MUNs as both, delegate and executive board around India. Naman is also the Member Secretary of the University's Debate Club and has a soft corner for Pink Floyd and Jazz.

Naman looks forward to a successful conference!

Deputy USG Delegate Affairs: Ameya Dixit

Ameya Dixit is a third year student pursuing his Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from Amity University, Noida. He has attended over 15 MUN conferences both, as a delegate and as an executive board member. He strongly believes that MUN plays a very crucial role in the overall personality development of a person. Over the 3 years in Amity University, he has organized various events at the institution and university level. He is also a core member of the official literary society of the department. Being a sportsman, he has always encouraged team work and has been very instrumental in organizational works and is a strong advocator of team work and spirit.

Ameya was a core member of the delegate affairs team in AMIMUN'16 and is ready to step in the shoes of Deputy under Secretary General - Delegate Affairs. He is honored to be a part of the Secretariat for AMIMUN'17 and is looking forward to the grand success of this conference.

USG Finance: Kshitij Sharma

Kshitij Sharma is a third year student at Amity College of Commerce And Finance and has been a part of the AMIMUN family since 2015. He ‘served as a Core Member of Finance for AMIMUN16. He has been a part of various organizing committees at the University level and also handled the finance operations of TEDx 2016, Amity University, Noida. Being an all-rounder student with a strong hold in the field of Finance, Kshitij proudly holds the post of President in ACCF.

Kshitij is honored to be serving as the Under-Secretary General - Finance for AMIMUN-17. He feels privileged to be chosen for the job and will undoubtedly give his best to the conference.

Deputy USG Finance: Soumil Ahuja

Soumil Ahuja is pursuing his bachelors in field of Finance from Amity College of Commerce and Finance, Amity University, Noida. He has been a part of various organizing committees. He has a strong hold over accounts and finance and has also been organizing finance related events.

Soumil is honored to be serving as Deputy USG- Finance for AMIMUN'17.

Joint USG Marketing and Promotions: Yogesh Tak

Yogesh Tak is a second year student at Amity University currently pursuing Bachelors in Food Technology. He has been a part of various ventures in and out of campus including the recent TEDx Amity University. He is goal oriented and the personification of the phrase "multi-tasking". Yogesh strives to learn more with a plethora of skills already under his belt including but not limited to management, design and promotion. His agenda is to learn, explore, and grow with every opportunity he encounters.

Joint USG Marketing and Promotions: Sanea Mahajan

Sanea Mahajan is a second year student pursuing Applied Psychology (Honours) at Amity University. Her ability to deliberate effective and genial manner of speaking has made her participate in various Model UN's and conferences on issues of international importance.

Driven by her compassion to make a difference, she is involved with various organisations like Tamanna, Youth for Peace International, and has recently been invited to attend the Asian Ministerial Conference by UNISDR and Government of India on Disaster Risk Reduction'16 to be held in November this year. She has been a part of organizing committees, student ambassador programs, promotional campaigns and various public speaking events at school and University level making her a perfect fit for the post of Deputy USG-Marketing and Promotions.

Sanea feels privileged to be a part of AMIMUN'17 and looks forward to a highly successful, enriching and enjoyable conference for all its participants in January'17.

USG IT and Web Operations: Athul Jayaram

Athul Jayaram is a fourth year student at Amity University pursuing his Dual Degree in Bachelors of Computer Science and Engineering + MBA. He was part of the Secretariat as Head of Web Operations of AMIMUN'16. He holds many leadership positions such as Microsoft Student Partner (MSP), Mozilla Student Ambassador, CCFIS Student Ambassador, Webmaster of ACM Student Chapter, and the Commander of CyberDome-a Cyber Security Organization of the Government. He has organized many conferences including Corporate Meet'16, Confluence'16, ACM to name a few. He also won the International Summer Jam'16, a global IoT competition. He has also published a research paper in International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology.

Athul feels privileged to be part of AMIMUN'17 as Under Secretary General of IT and Web Operations and looks forward to making the conference the best in the history of AMIMUN.

USG Creative Content Management: Khushboo Narang

Khushboo Narang is pursuing her studies in the field of computer science and engineering from Amity University, Noida. She has always believed in attaining practical knowledge in life rather than sticking to the academic course and that is what made her qualified enough to serve as the Head Girl of her school. Khushboo participated in AMIMUN'14 as a delegate and was a member of core organizing committee in AMIMUN'15, and the Head of Stage Management for AMIMUN'16.

Other than being associated with AMIMUN in these precious four years of her college life, Khushboo has organised many more events in Amity Youth Fests and is also an active member of IET Student Chapter and ACM Amity Student Chapter.

Khushboo is honored to be serving as USG CCM for AMIMUN'17 conference and is looking forward to a successful conference in January.

Deputy USG Creative Content Management: Sanyogita Singh

Sanyogita Singh is a second year student pursuing her Major in Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University. With an ever increasing zeal to learn, she challenges herself by participating in a varied spectrum of extra curricular activities and is currently a member of literary and debating society of ASCO, UMEED- 'a ray of hope' NGO, and is actively pursuing the fellowship program for Teach for India. She has participated in 5 MUNs as a delegate and has been a member of the organizing committee for DPSNMUN'14 and various other university level events.

Being a Communications major, Sanyogita feeds off intellectually stimulating exposures and perceives an MUN as a perfect opportunity for such a cognitive environment. Apart from classics being her go-to pass time, she also has a flair for closeted writing, which makes her worthy of this post.

Sanyogita feels privileged to be a part of AMIMUN'17 and looks forward to an enriching experience in January!

Head of Design: Akshath Dhar

Akshath Dhar is pursuing B.Tech in IT from Amity University, Noida. He is a freelancer and has done a diploma course in animation and film making from MAAC.

Being the head boy of his school, he has organized various national level events and continues to do the same in college.

Akshath is honored to be serving as the Head of Design for AMIMUN 2017.

UDG International Press: Manish Murthy

Manish Murthy is a fourth year student of Amity University pursuing his Bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering. He has a great proclivity and aptitude for photography and considers it his passion. Spotting through the lens is his way of perceiving the world. Apart from participating in various MUNs, he has served as a photographer for the college newspaper, The Global Times and has served as a freelancer for prestigious events like TEDx and SSCBS. Besides these he has carried out duties as a Core Advisor and Head for Media Relations in Corporate Meet 2016.

He takes immense pride and honor in being a part of an organization of such stature and serve as UDG International Press. He is eager to discharge his duties in AMIMUN'17 and he is enraptured to invite everyone to share their experiences and be an integral constituent of this family.

Deputy International Press: Aakriti Gupta

Aakriti Gupta is a second year student at Amity University pursuing her Honors in Bachelors of Commerce. With 9 MUNs on her plate, 7 as an IP member, she doesn't let any opportunity go to waste. Showing great zeal in whatever she does, she is glad to have gotten the opportunity to become the Deputy under Director General for AMIMUN'17.

Aakriti has always believed that there is always something new to learn wherever life leads you. Her happy-go-lucky demeanor, having a different perspective to each and every thing, helps work in her favor.

Willingness to discover at every step and fully elated, Aakriti is waiting for whats in store for her, next.

UDG Hospitality: Shivang Gupta

Shivang Gupta is a final year student pursuing his bachelor of technology in mechanical and automation from Amity University. Since school days he has been enthusiastic about organizing events at various levels. Shivang has always has a knack for being diligent and an extremely integral part of many other organizing committees like AYF and MANFEX. Shivang was a member of the core team for AMIMUN'15 and AMIMUN'16.

Shivang is honoured to be working as Under Director General Hospitality for AMIMUN'17 and is looking forward to a successful conference in January.

Deputy UDG Hospitality: Subhra Jyoti

Subhra Jyoti Panda is pursuing his Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Amity University, Noida. He has a great enthusiasm for organizing different events right from this schooling career. Moreover, he has been an active member at various college level events and is also a Core Committee member at Amity ACM Student Chapter. Mr. Panda has always had a knack for being a diligent and an extremely integral part of many organizing committees including Confluence'16, Amity Youth Fest 2016, Great Essay 2016, International Youth Day 2016, TEDx Amity University 2016 and many more to count.

Mr.Panda is honoured to be serving as the Deputy UDG Hospitality for AMIMUN'17 conference and is looking forward to a successful conference in January. Cheers!

Head of Transport: Parth Kalra

Parth Kalra is a final year B.Tech. student of Computer Science at Amity University, Noida. Since school days, he has contributed his bit to the organisation and management of social events. An engineer by heart, he believes in attention to detail and that an event is made better than others by focusing at the small things and conveniences.

Even in college, he has been an integral part of events like AYFs, the Confluence conferences and multiple university level events. In AMIMUN'15, he worked as a member under the Logistics team, and is honored to serve as Under Director General for Transportation, for the sixth AMIMUN conference.

UDG Logistics: Garima Agarwal

Garima Agarwal is a fourth year student of Computer Science and Engineering at Amity University. In her four years at Amity, she has learned not only about the idea of giving to others but also of deriving from them a sense of spirit. She has been an integral part of various technical and cultural events in the university and is the Vice-President of the Amity IET Student Chapter. Garima was a core member of the Delegate Affairs team and the Logistics team for AMIMUN'16. She has a passion for life and believes every opportunity is an experience that can't be wasted. She's an exceptionally strong girl with a vigor that is contagious.

Garima is honored and thrilled to be serving as the Under Director General - Logistics for the sixth AMIMUN conference and is looking forward to an amazing and enlightening conference in January.

UDG Operations: Aditya Sundaray

Aditya Sundaray, a final year bachelor's student from Amity Institute of Forensic Science is a very enthusiastic MUNer holding an experience of about 20 MUNs. He has been a part of AMIMUN for the last 3 editions. Started his first MUN with AMIMUN'15, he has been an active member of the AMIMUN Team ever since.

He was a part of AMIMUN'16 as a Core Member of the Operations team and has shown his efficiency. His enthusiasm and dedication for organising events has also been witnessed in various events in and outside the University.

With AMIMUN'17, he desires to bring out an experience that will leave a mark in the delegates' mind. He awaits your arrival at the conference as the Under Director General- Operations.

Deputy UDG Operations: Prakhar Gupta

Prakhar Gupta is a second year student pursuing his B. Tech in Computer Science. He doesn't belong to a typical engineers' streak. While he studies computer languages, he is also a poet and a guitarist. In his 2 years at Amity University, he has been involved in various events both in, and out of campus. He has organised various university and inter university level events.

He is thankful for having been chosen as the Deputy UDG Operations and is looking forward to working with his team and making this MUN a memorable experience for all the respectable delegates and participants.