Amity Institute of Technology in collaboration with Tata Technologies aims to become a globally recognized Institute for imparting outstanding education leading to well qualified and industry ready engineers, who are innovative, entrepreneurial and successful in advanced fields of Automobile Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering and Industrial Heavy Machinery Engineering, to cater the ever changing industrial and social needs.
  • To provide a platform to enthusiastic students for becoming a well qualified industry ready engineer in the fields of Automobile Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering or Industrial Heavy Machinery Engineering.
  • To imparting industry specific education to the students for enhancing their engineering skills and to make them globally competitive as well as industry ready engineers.
  • To maintain state of the art competency centres and necessary research facility for a collaborative environment that stimulates teaching faculty members as well as the students with opportunities to innovate create, analyze, apply and disseminate engineering knowledge
  • To provide the students with academic excellence, leadership, ethical values and lifelong learning needed for a long and sustained career path.
  • To educate students about professional & ethical responsibilities and to inculcate leadership qualities for their career growth.
  • To create opportunities and to guide students in acquiring appropriate skills for their ever ready acceptance by the industry.

Amity Institute of Technology :

A joint initiative with Tata Technologies

Recognizing the need of the hour to train future-ready engineers, Amity University and Tata Technologies have come together to provide industry oriented, innovation led simulated competency centers; wherein the training is provided by leading experts from the industry to produce Industry ready engineers. In this approach, we have recognized the industry-academia gap and restructured our curriculum by adopting the next generation of technologies and tools to train our students to bridge this gap.

Amity Institute of Technology currently offers:

  1. B.Tech. in Automobile Engineering
  2. B.Tech. in Aeronautical Engineering
  3. B.Tech. in Industrial Heavy Machinery

With the help of our well qualified faculty and also in collaboration with Industry experts; a unique blend of Industry oriented education is imparted to our students.

Amity Institute of Technology has the following six Competency Centres for training and inculcation skills for producing industry ready engineers and to enhance their placement potential.

The technology competency centre consists of 30 high end work stations, which are loaded with Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Computer Aided Engineering, Product Lifecycle Management and Virtual tools of all the major OEMs which are used by the industries across globe. These technologies will help student understand the theory followed by industry domains and leading to creating of individual projects

In this unique set up of two display monitors per user and with TATA technologies e-learning platform “i-get-it” students will be taught the entire “Concept to Production” life cycle of different components and assemblies used in manufacturing sector mainly in Automotive, Aeronautics and Industrial Heavy Machinery. Students will also be able to work on the real life projects.

The Innovation Competency Center is a creativity incubator, focused on exploring how new and emerging technologies can fundamentally reshape the research, academic and service missions of the university. Working with our innovation-minded people, we have built a model program that will elevate and inspire students who are solving problems, big and small, through our ever changing technological environment

The philosophy behind the Innovation Center is to have a one stop shop for anyone, regardless of skill and experience, to come in and be able to make a product through an interactive design process known as digital modelling and fabrication. The Center has been equipped with different machinery like CNC Milling, Laser Cutting, 3D printers etc. that would need to conceive of, design and prototype of all kinds of products and designs.

This Competency centre is equipped with different automotive components and assemblies cut working cut section models ranging from manual steering wheel up to a full vehicle (SUV and Passenger car) to hone and upgrade the skills of the students. This centre has stering wheel, transaxle, Diesel Engine, Petrol Engine, Front Axle, Rear Axle with differential, Engine mock up, Body over Monocoque Chassis and Body over frame chassis with almost 30 parts cut sections.

The training will be provided on these machines. These training will not only enable the resources to operate these machines but also the process for repairing the machines and its various parts.

Learning Centre is committed to helping students launch successful careers in the automotive industry. The students get involved in vehicle electronics or specialize in, engines, axle, Gear assembly, wheels etc.

The Virtual Reality Centre has 15 workstation, Industrial Visualization software by Siemens and Dassault Systems, and a Flight Simulator Lab.

Virtual Learning Centre has been established as “Visualization lab for industrial process” using the expertise in Visualization technologies and manufacturing domain. We are developing self-paced interactive e-learning modules which will be delivered through this competency center.

The advantages of these learning modules to students are as below:

  1. Designed with no assumption of domain knowledge, technology expertise
  2. Self-paced
  3. Interactive sessions making learning easier and enjoyable

The Teardown Bench Marking Centre has facility for conducting benchmarking studies, studying cost effective designs, instill up the principles of Value Engineering, frugal design in students. This also helps instill the philosophy of exploring ideas for innovative products keeping product value in sight. This facility caters to batch of 30 students. The lab consists of different machinery that enables teardown and benchmarking – car lift, air compressor, display trolleys, Computers, engineering toolbox, measuring tools & equipment, special teardown equipment, weighing scale, portable crane, camera, recorders, projectors and cars for tear down.

The pedagogy of this Advanced Manufacturing Centre is built on the principles of experiential learning. Learning in context is well established as a highly effective method for students of all disciplines, but it is especially effective for the physical sciences. Our project teams mirror the work place. The staff is immersed in not only meeting the technical needs of local industry but in learning to teach to the different learning styles of diverse team members. Teams learn firsthand, in real time, the importance of maximizing the team’s talent.

Few component of this centres are FANUC/Kuka Robot, Robot programming, fixtures for 2D, 3D path, hardware needed for installations etc.

HOI Message

Welcome to the Amity Institute of Technology, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh. AIT is committed to provide excellent education to enthusiastic students for becoming a well qualified industry ready engineer in the field of Automobile Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering and Industrial Heavy Machinery Engineering; Amity University has established Amity Institute of Technology (AIT) in close collaboration with Tata Technologies. AIT, a globally recognized Institute for imparting outstanding education for developing all the required competencies in our next-gen engineers. For doing so; AIT has established 6 Competency Centres namely Technology Centre, Innovation Centre, Learning Centre, Virtual Reality Centre, Tear Down Benchmarking Centre and Advance Manufacturing Centre. AIT offers B.Tech. programmes in Automobile Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering and Industrial Heavy Machinery.

Post-Doc (Bath, U.K.), Ph.D. (Cranfield, UK), M.Sc. (Salford, UK)
Head, Amity Institute of Technology
Advisor (Engineering Design and Research)


Noida | Mumbai
Noida | Mumbai
Noida | Mumbai


  • Industry oriented, innovation-led curriculum designed by Tata Technologies
  • Collaborative learning using innovative technology solutions from Tata Technologies experts
  • Highly advanced factory simulated environment equipped with state-of-the-art machines and high-end industrial software
  • Internship opportunities with Tata companies/leading global OEMs to prepare for a real-world, professional experience


Amity University, is India’s no. 1 ranked not-for-profit private University with a strong focus on research and innovation. The University has been ranked amongst the top Universities globally by QS (the world’s leading university rankings organisation), besides being recognised as ‘India’s Best Research University’.

Amity’s relentless pursuit of excellence is reflected in its steadfast commitment and continuing investment towards cutting-edge research and innovation. For instance, Amity in the last four years has filed over 700 patents, which as per the Annual Report of the Controller General of Patents, Government of India, is by far the highest number of patents filed by any Indian University. It is also engaged in conducting over 300 hi-end Government funded as well as international research projects including those funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, and Leverhulme Trust, UK.

The University is also committed to bridge the gap between academics and industry. For instance, Amity has established institutions in collaboration with leading institutions like Tata Technologies CII and RICS (UK) as a part of its vision to build institutions for education and research which is led by the industry, for the industry. The in-house, award-winning Incubator, which has nurtured over 100 companies and attracted over USD 40 million investments in the last few years, is also a step towards that very end.

Amity has always endeavoured to deliver quality education in a globally benchmarked learning environment through modern amphitheatre-styled, air-conditioned classrooms, 400 hi-tech labs and libraries with 400,000 books & 17,000 online journals. The Amity campus has all amenities to ensure an all-round development for students that include expansive sports complexes, multi-cuisine restaurants, bookstores, departmental stores, salon and 14,000 seater on-campus hostels, making for an unparalleled on-campus experience.

Amity has instituted an extensive scholarship programme, benefitting over 25,000 students so far, to ensure that true talent gets the fairest chance to rise and shine.

Amity’s unwavering focus on excellence in research, globally benchmarked infrastructure and teaching pedagogy has resulted in the coveted 'A' grade accreditation by NAAC - a distinction awarded to only 10% of Indian Universities.


Tata Technologies, founded in 1989, enables ambitious manufacturing companies in the automotive, aerospace and industrial heavy machinery spheres to design and build Better products through its Intelligently Different solutions.

With Engineering, Research and Development (ER&D) being at the core of everything it does, the focus of the 8,500+ associates at Tata Technologies has always been on covering every aspect of the value chain by partnering with clients through comprehensive engineering services, product development, IT services and project management solutions. Tata Technologies has enabled leading manufacturers to achieve shop floor to top floor efficiency with the effective usage of our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Connected Enterprise IT (CEIT) solutions.

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Mr. Harris has been with Tata Technologies for more than 25 years where his roles have evolved from being an engineer to a number of technical management positions worldwide until in 1998 he was named CEO of the company and served on its Board of Directors.

He managed a worldwide expansion for the company, overseeing a merger that established the company as a major force in the U.S. In 2003, he launched a joint venture in Japan that became the foundation of Tata Technologies’ expansion in the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Harris also was the driving force behind the 2013 acquisition of Cambric Corp., which solidified Tata Technologies’ position in the industrial heavy machinery engineering services market.

Mr. Harris is a recognised authority in the global manufacturing sector. His expertise has been leveraged by media organisations including BusinessWeek, Crain’s Detroit Business, Automotive News, The Detroit Free Press, Gannett News Service and Automotive Engineering International. He also has contributed his insights to the book, “Globality – Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything.”

Mr. Harris holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Honors), earned in 1986 from the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology. He is a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and is a Chartered Engineer.

Samir Yajnik is Tata Technologies President of Global Services and Chief Operating Officer – Asia-Pacific. With a career spanning several engineering and sales leadership roles in diverse markets globally, Mr. Yajnik provides an uncommon blend of deep technical knowledge and sharp business acumen.

Mr. Yajnik holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, as well as a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mississippi where he was awarded an assistantship and fellowship. He completed corporate finance courses at the London Business School and has had three white papers on heat transfer published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in the U.S.



As President of Asia-Pacific Sales, Anand Bhade is responsible for all sales and business development activities for global services and technology solutions in the region. Mr. Bhade draws on more than 24 years of experience in the engineering and IT services field managing executive relationships with key customers in India, Europe and North America.

Mr. Bhade joined Tata Technologies in 1997 as one of the first few hundred employees to work for the company. His past roles have included Director of Global Delivery at INCAT (acquired by Tata Technologies), Vice President of Strategic Business and Operations – North America and a number of sales and operational leadership positions worldwide.

As Head of Global Offshore Business, Mr. Bhade led a successful initiative to accelerate offshore revenue growth and designed a process called the Tata Value Innovation Framework, an engineering approach that ensures low cost for product innovation and launch. Mr. Bhade has also been a keynote speaker on the topic at various academic institutions.

Shree Moorthy is a software strategist, specialising in emerging technologies, defining enterprise software product direction, coordinating software development in multiple countries, and managing PLM projects implementation to customers globally.

A specialist in offshore development and digital manufacturing, he has worked in manufacturing industries and consulted for the Big 3 auto OEMs in Detroit and has significant consulting experience globally. Shree is an authority in PLM and evangelises that it is a lot more than PDM (Product Data Management). Shree helps companies appreciate and leverage this distinction and helps transform engineering IT beyond just plain PDM.

Shree’s passion and expertise lies in the areas of PLM, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Factory, production optimisation, simulation, scheduling, material flow, and facilities planning. He has also authored several technical and research papers in the areas of PLM and Digital Manufacturing.

With degrees in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Shree started his career in manufacturing and then went on to pursue a MS degree in Industrial Engineering at Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA. After graduation, he moved to Detroit, where he was heavily involved in vehicle launches for several years, after which he took a position with Engineering Animation to start working on the software side during the nascent stages of PLM software products.




The automotive revenue pool will significantly increase and diversify towards on-demand mobility services and data-driven services. This could create up to $1.5 trillion—or 30 percent more—in additional revenue potential in 2030, compared with about $5.2 trillion from traditional car sales and aftermarket products/services, up by 50 percent from about $3.5 trillion in 2015.

Tata Technologies has been delivering world-class solutions to global OEMs for the last 25 years, while offering a concentrated vehicle engineering solution, thus laying the foundation of the Vehicle Program and Development (VPD) Group. By drawing upon our capacity at automotive hubs around the world, the VPD Group leverages industry leadership, technology and capacity in places where today’s automotive ideas are born and take shape.


The global air traffic is set to grow 4.7 per cent annually over the next 20 years, requiring more than 29,000 new passenger and freight aircraft valued at nearly $4.4 trillion. Such rapid growth in the aerospace sector has resulted in an enhanced need for technological advancements. There is also increase in the dependency of airline OEMs on engineering partners to seek cost-effective and innovation-driven solutions. Industry experts foresee an ever growing necessity for better designing and manufacturing solutions along with reliable risk management techniques.

With global air travel growing at an enormous rate, the demand for dedicated technological development has increased in civil as well as military aviation domain. With augmented scope for product innovation and the need for an effective response to aerospace industry challenges, manufacturers at all levels in the supply chain are increasing looking to engineering service provider as a reliable and cost effective solution.


The Industrial Heavy Machinery markets across the globe are experiencing a paradigm shift, primarily due to growth in development and an increased spend on activities in segments like construction, education, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, forestry, military, public works and infrastructure. With developed nations showing a steady growth, the real action is in the emerging economies that are expected to grow much faster than its peers across the globe. With a projected growth at a CAGR of 6.80% until 2020, the huge demand from these emerging economies is expected to accelerate the growth of the industrial heavy machinery market across the globe.

Heavy earth moving equipment and road construction equipment segment accounts for close to 70 per cent of India's construction equipment market. In fact, the earth moving equipment industry is the fastest growing segment in the heavy construction equipment market not only in India but across the globe.