To really develop into "humane beings" in the true spirit it is imperative that students have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. To expand and widen their horizons A.I.S. Noida has 3 libraries at different levels viz.

a) Pre-Primary Reading Room for classes Nursery to I

b) Junior library for classes II - V (seating capacity - 80)

c) Senior library for classes VI - XII (seating capacity - 108)

The total number of books in the school libraries is a mind-boggling number of 30,000 titles, which caters to 6000 children and a sum of 400 members of the teaching and non-teaching staff. The reading material covers a range of subjects as diverse as Astronomy, Religion, Cookery, Earth Sciences, Fiction etc. The libraries subscribes to over 75 periodicals and 9 leading dailies, along with general reading and long and short range reference services. The teachers use reference materials to enrich their classroom activities and teaching. Thus, this unique world of books caters to the needs and interest of children of all ages, including the teachers.


The Educational Resource Centre at AIS, Noida is specifically known as VIDYUTTAM which regularly conducts workshops for teachers, students and prepares handouts on special days by designing innovative worksheets. This Centre also creates a unique "IDEA BANK" where any inquisitive mind can go and find, discuss, collect ideas for class assemblies, co-curricular activities, inter-class competitions or important events to be celebrated by the School.

The main aim is to provide a platform for teachers and students alike to share ideas, write books, compile worksheets or create innovative educational aids.


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